New Self-Paced Video Training from Rigging Dojo

Weekly lessons guide you through our courses

“Rigging Dojo... is not a place to find answers to make a cheat sheet, it’s a place to challenge your ability as a TA/TD and get you to really think and solve problems.”

“All the RD guys know their stuff, It’s worth the cost to go to someone with the experience, knowledge and ability to get you up and running quickly.”

“Even though I’m a broke college student, it was definitely worth the money – especially when I think of the cost vs. amount learned and time saved.”

Teaching the Art and Science of Character Rigging

Rigging Dojo was founded to help artists overcome the obstacles of production by focusing on teaching the art and science of character rigging.

You wanted to work on your own, train sooner while being more affordable.

We listened and are creating, updating and streamlining our training to create a self paced, video mentor courses. Once a week a new lecture and assignment will open up as you work through the course work.

Ready for more? Need to ask your questions to a human, with critique videos, discussions with classmates and the benefits of our live classes? Check out the Mentor Led Courses at the top of the page and gain access to the next level of training you need to advance.