Character TD 3ds Max to Maya Cross-training

Learn the tools and features with a side by side look at Maya and 3ds Max and quickly get up and running. 

Course Outline:
Maya vs. Max transform and pivots
Maya vs. Max manipulator tools and angle snaps
Maya vs. Max Skinning Tools
Maya vs. Max Conform to Surface
Max to Maya Biped and FBX training
Custom FBX Skeleton to BIPED


Q: Is this Live or On-Demand?
A: This course is on-demand. You get immediate access

Q: Can I download videos?
A: This is a streaming course only, we don't offer downloads for this at this time.

Q: How long is this course?
A: You get immediate access to all the videos

Q: Are Certificates available?
A: No, certificates for Quick Training workshops are not available.

Q: How long do I have access?
A: We believe in Life Time Access. You will have access to the content while we are in business.  As we update the class content or add additional training, you get access to those updates for free.

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