MotionBuilder - Hacking MotionBuilder

MotionBuilder, love it or hate it, if you work with motion capture or animation it is in your pipeline. This is a short session jam-packed with Brads best hacks to save you days of work per motion edit.  Techniques learned in this session, while focused on MotionBuilder, can be applied to the HIK rig in Maya as well.

Hacking MotionBuilder: 10 Things You Aren't Doing but Should Be!


"Just watched your talk on the vault. Packed with invaluable information! A+"

"... this was very useful for me as an animator who has to work with mocap regularly."

"... I have been using it for years and pretty much every single one of his tips were new to me....will save me countless hours in production."


Hacking MotionBuilder

Enjoy your adventures in MotionCapture editing with MotionBuilder

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