MotionBuilder Rigging to Retargeting workshop

About the training:

Learn along with the students that took our special MotionBuilder workshop. For the first time we are officially offering this training as a video course.

Also unlock the bonus MotionBuilder tip video after you complete the course.

In this course we address the most common mistakes and misunderstandings of dealing with Motion Capture. We discuss rigging and editing mocap, to help you gain control over your next project.

Hours of recorded videos from our live training workshop will guide you through MotionBuilder and allow you to start getting the most of a misused and misunderstood, but incredibly powerful tool.

The workshop ends with a final challenge to use what you learned and retarget some moves from Optitrack capture company that you can complete and share with us for critique.

Bonus content:

  • PDF: Guide:Rigging Dojo – A guide to Motion Editing and MotionBuilder in 140 characters
  • PDF: Ebook masterclass Animator Toolkit for MotionBuilder (100+ pages of rigging step-by-step tutorials)
  • Video:Quick zero math look at stabilizing face capture makers using relation constraints 
  • Video: GDC Animation Tips and Tricks 
  • Mocap: Some Zombie moves from Mocap Online to edit and work with



Basic understanding of Maya.

MotionBuilder knowlage helpful but not required.

Course Topics

  • What is the goal of the workshop and where we will start.
  • Talk over some common mistakes and misunderstandings of motion capture process.
  • Start looking at base skeleton setup and working with Max and Maya for getting ready for Mocap work
  • FBX export and some common issues to watch out for.
  • When to edit vs. re-shoot and what to do if you can’t
  • Twist bones custom vs. built in and controling roll extraction on the charcter
  • Bonus challange with feedback: Retarget and apply what you learned 
    See past results
  • Face rig maker stablization : transform animation between spaces to allow for stable face markers without any speical math work.
  • Maya joint orient control
  • Joint placement and skeleton design
  • Skeleton creation issues like bad joint orients (pre-rotation under DOF in MotionBuilder)
  • Constraint sharing between Maya and MotionBuilder
  • We covered face mocap rigging concepts
  • Props like bow and arrow and a few ways to think about and approach rigging very complex system but keeping it flexible for the animators.
  • Using relation constraints to create custom spline IK nodes to rig up something like a tail or the bow string.



Q: Is this Live or On-Demand?
A: This course is on-demand. You get immediate access to Day 1

Q: Can I download videos?
A: This is a streaming course only, we don't offer downloads for this at this time.

Q: How long is this course?
A:  One week long (new content becomes avaible every 2 days)

Q: Are Certificates avaible?
A: Yes upon completion of the course you will have a downloadable Certificate.

Q: How long do I have access?
A: We believe in Life Time Access. You will have access to the content while we are in business and any future updates or additions to the class will be avaible for free.


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