MotionBuilder Keyframe Animators Quickstart

Video crash course on getting your workflow for Keyframe Animation in MotionBuilder dialed in from Rigging Dojo

"Huge thank you to Brad for the quick help on MotionBuilder! He answered each of my questions about making the jump from Maya to MoBu. "

Thank you!
Matt Boehm - Animator at Ubisoft Toronto. Credits include Overwatch and BioShock Infinite.

"I've been using MotionBuilder for about 8 years now. I've pushed myself to understand the in's and out's of the software and I consider myself to be more than proficient in it but I still get surprised by things like this!"

David J Pumpa - Senior Cinematic Animator at Bend Studios. Credits include The Last of Us, CoD: Black Ops 2. Stream:

"HOLY CRAP, I had no idea about keying groups! And the IK/FK part of the video was awesome."

Simon Unger- Animation Director at Phoenix Labs on @PlayDauntless

The fastest way to get animating in MotionBuilder and see why it is still one of the fastest tools to create with available. Don't waste more production time!

MotionBuilder Demystify-er : 

Brad Clark
Co-founder @RiggingDojo:
Consultant, Character TD,Motion Editor,Mentor

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Stop fighting the software and workflows and get animating faster.

Q: How to make sure feet are planted properly?

Q: How do I make sure stepped key interpolation is on for new keys and  keys snap to frames?

Q: Can I match a key to a previous or next key like I can with tweenMachine?

What's included:

  • Video guide: Keyframe animation in MotionBuilder         
  • HIK Rig Re-Parenting for better keyframe editing and interpolation         
  • Story Tool Basics (coming soon)         
  • Story Tools: Constraint animation         
  • Bonus Videos: Simple Rigging, Constraints and KeyingGroups


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