Character Rigging & Animation from Maya to Blender

What is in this free class for artists coming from Maya to Blender?

Getting Blender in the Pipe

There are limitations and issues that must be understood to intergrade Blender into an existing pipeline. We show you what works and what doesn't.

Maya/Blender Crossover

Cross training for animators and character riggers to understand Blender tools in Autodesk context

Rigs from Maya

Learn how to quickly rig your Maya Character in Blender and download sample rigs to animate. A little FBX understanding and the right Blender tools and settings get it done.

"Thanks!! This was very helpful and I picked up some awesome tips I'll definitely use. As a long time Maya user, the FIRST thing I did was change "frame selected" to F. I also love your tips about altering the colors of the UI. I hope every 3D artist coming to Blender from another software finds this video. I wish I had this when I started learning Blender."

"Oh wow... I've never seen the NLA editor in use before. Thanks!"


What do I get?

Here is a quick look along with comments, deeper looks at all this than we can post on twitter and some coming exclusives for the new year.

  1. Welcome Aboard! Getting started with Blender and this course
  2. Lesson 1: The Blender Rosetta Stone
  3. Lesson 2: The problem with the word "Group" in Blender
  4. Lesson 3: The one weight tool we leave Maya for Blender
  5. Lesson 4: I really want Maya hotkeys, really
  6. Bonus :
    1. Addons, Plugins and Rigs
    2. Rig On The Fly Agora Riot Rigs
    3. Brave Rabbit: Yes the Maya plugin master has new Blender Tools