Introduction to MetaData with CG Monks

An introduction to building your own metadata tools on a foundation of Red9’s superb libraries by CG Monks.

This class was created with two purposes in mind:

To share some of the many lessons learned over the past several years working with red9’s great code base
To provide a basic foundation of knowledge for those wanting to delve into Morpheus Rig 2’s continued development.
Some might wonder what reason you might want to use red9’s code base or what benefits in particular you might find. The easiest way to give a quick example would be to provide a code example of a typical rigging task but with and without meta. Let’s look at something one does pretty regularly while rigging – do some stuff on a given joint chain."

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*This is a prerequisite for cgMonks Mentor led courses at Rigging Dojo

In 2009 David Hunt's GDC Presentation on Modular Procedural Rigging introduced the concept of MetaData rigging and the advantages of such a system. Building this from scratch at each studio is not piratical and creates lots of duplicate work, this is where Red9 tools come in. This course will help you understand MetaData in Maya and help you start to build smart aware rigs and let you create a better rig pipeline at your studio.

 *Introduction to MetaData is a prerequisite course for Morpheus Rig seminars through Rigging Dojo


Prerequisites : Basic python

Maya 2011 or later (note - different Maya versions have their own bugs and issues and may introduce new puzzles to solve)
Some sort of Python IDE is recommended. I use Wing but any will do. The script editor just isn’t a great place to do a lot of coding.

Course Topics

  • Red9’s MetaClass and Meta Data overview
  • Coding Setup
  • Overview of CG Monks implementation as a framework for your own expansion
  • Concepts to Learn in order to work with MetaClasses
  • Making your own subclass within a MetaClass framework

About Red9:

Red9 StudioTools have been born out of frustration at Autodesks reluctance to add some of these core features and workflows into Maya itself. Why OpenSource, well I want to give something back to the industry as I feel damn sorry for studios without the benefit of a large R&D department to craft pipelines around them. The Studio Pack is designed to speed up a modern animation pipeline. 



Q: Is this Live or On-Demand?
A: This course is on-demand. You get immediate access to week 1

Q: Can I download videos?
A: This is a streaming course only, we don't offer downloads for this at this time.

Q: How long is this course?
A: Four weeks long (new content every 5 days)

Q: Are Certificates available?
A: Yes upon completion of the course you will have a downloadable Certificate and a class book .pdf (34 pages)

Q: How long do I have access?
A: We believe in Life Time Access. You will have access to the content while we are in business.


Introduction to MetaData with CG Monks

An introduction to building your own metadata tools on a foundation of Red9’s superb libraries by CG Monks.


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