Production Sculpting F.A.C.S Facial Blendshapes for VFX

This Rigging Dojo Course is a must for AAA and Feature Film face rigging and character artists!



Message from our Mentor


Face mesh feedback on topology and shape movement

Developing strong observation skills and exploiting reference is very important and practicing this is priceless.

Face markup for students sculpting in Autodesk Mudbox

Class outline

Ramahan mentors you on creating and sculpting professionally built topology for performance based deformations. A must-take course for modelers who need to build for animation as well as character TDs needing to improve their eye for topology and controlling the shapes their rig makes.

FACS Paul Faces

Week 1 – Topology

A basic mesh to communicate theories on topology is provided.
Instruction will be given on proven techniques and the thought process behind them . This weeks lessons will aid in resolving topology issues in production and building solutions that are bullet proof.

Week 2- Blendshapes

Reading motion and blendshape development
We will be teaching the process of reading reference correctly and how to properly great motion in blendshapes using a basic scalable workflow.*

Week 3- Face details

We will be discussing the face structures and deforming forms of the face while you author convincing shapes using the techniques covered in week 1-2

Week 4 – Practice and review

We will doing a recap on all techniques and spending more time on practices from week 3..
At the completion of week 4 the artist will have been exposed to the building blocks required to successfully develop his or her skill set in the area of facial blendshape and create topology for professional productions.

*Model will be provided, Maya and Mudbox will be the base teaching applications.

Student feedback example:

“I like the way you pushed the geo and got some really good wrinkles going. I would reduce the amount of motion at the top of the brow so we can get a better since of compression from your wrinkles. There are some interesting things that happen to the skin around the eye when the skin stretches upwards! the upper lid does not move all that much but the upper bone ridge gets exposed slightly more as a result of skin being pulled. Maybe more falloff around the nose ridge will also help sell the amount of wrinkling you have.”

Rigging Dojo Face Modeling Topo 3
Sculpting by student Alicia Carvalho, model by Ramahan Faulk – Mentor

Here in this image we can see the improved volume and subtle improvement to the forehead wrinkles over the previous attempt.


When you finish you will join the ranks of Alumni like artists from IO-Interactive, Reel FX, Hybride, Digital District and more, that have pushed their skill to the next level.

Get in the class and get started now!

As a leading character performance focused artist and technician, Ramahan Faulk has worked on many high-end film projects as well as major video game franchises and commercials. Prior to his career in the entertainment business Ramahan was on active duty with the United States Navy as Jet Engine Mechanic where he explored all things technical and exploited his enjoyment for aviation for 9 years. After serving in the Desert Storm War, Ramahan decided to make his passion for character art a lucrative career. “There is nothing more special than doing what you love to do” During his Visual FX career Ramahan quickly developed his skill set and has worked on projects such as James Cameron’s AvatarFantastic 4: Rise of the Silver SurferEragonMaleficentThe Adventures of TintinThe Fantastic Flying Books of M r. Morris Lessmore (that won an Academy A ward for Best Short Film (Animated) and m any others. Ramahan has also been intricately involved in real-ti me game productions during his career with a focus being on developing award winning and compelling facial performances that can be adapted to game development and various real-ti me areas of the pre-production process. Ramahan has always enjoyed following technology and finding creative ways of harnessing its power for that perfect shot or immersive real-time experience.

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