Maya Python 101

Learning Python is an absolute core job requirement for you to become a character TDs or technical artist and our courses can help you advance your career or land your first job.


Scripting from scratch

Start off learning what IDE is and how to choose one and Learn to keep your code safe with github and git.

Take Control

Understanding how you can do anything you could do manually in Maya by using Python scripting

Faster Rigging

Rig an arm in Maya, learn how to automate it and build your first scripted rigging tool then learn the steps to improve it as you deepen your knowledge of python.

More than a tutorial series!

A living course for continued growth. Lifetime access and future improvements to continue learning.


Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll get Rigging Dojo Mentor, Ryan Griffin Python scripting best practices, while he guides you through the coding of a basic rigging tool project in Autodesk Maya.

Our mentor Ryan developed a tool set in python to handle the rigging of wide range of 100+ characters, including cinematic quality characters for Skylander Super Chargers, and it is the inspiration for the course project. He helps guide you onto the path to automating your own rigging solutions and getting a proper foundation in Python scripting for Maya.

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Another video tutorial?

Yes we know, there are many videos out there and honestly many are very good, so why us?

Good question, video tutorials are video tutorials right? The difference is in the support and community we have. 
Our courses focus more on the why and making sure foundations are good to build and grow from. We don't want you to simply step by step follow the videos and then have no idea why or what you did what you did.


Support when you need it

We support the course so if you are stuck or have questions we are here to help you to make sure you are getting through the class.
From the years of running this mentored course we have QA and feedback videos from past sessions to help you learn along our previous students. 

Mentor feedback 

You really need to talk with a pro, get mentoring or feedback with your work in the class to get unstuck! You can buy feedback time with our mentor right from the class for a small fee so you are really never learning alone.

A message from our Mentor

Learn about the course and why it was crated and how it will help get you on the path to rigging independence.

We are ready for you to learn


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