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The Morpheus Rigging System (MRS) is an open rigging platform for Maya. Quickly proxy characters to speed up concept and design. Get animators animating fast and provide a starting point for modeling.

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 MRS Makers Workshop - Getting Started

Morpheus Rig System Horse example from the class.

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Learn (Morpheus Rig System)

This class gets you up and running quickly to leverage the MRS tool set to build your own production level rigs. In this ondemand version of the class, you get the advantage of starting when you want, while getting access to the comments and feedback from the mentored workshop.

 As one of the architects of the system and creator of the original Morpheus Rig, Josh Burton has created this material from his experience leading MRS development at CG Monastery

Here is what you get!

  • How to use MRS and the cgmToolbox in your own projects - personal or commercial
  • Lifetime class access for your reference whether you maintain your CG Monastery subscription or not
  • 6 month subscription to the MRS Collaborative on the CG Monastery which provides - access to latest docs, follow development, collaborate
    • Bonus perks- Morpheus for Unity content, rigs, and more

Here is what you learn!

  • Big picture for what MRS is all about
  • Begin with a simple MRS Asset
  • Create a biped rig from a provided MRS character template
  • Rig a quadruped from scratch using the MRS tool set
  • Adding Props to existing assets
  • Cover advanced topics of the components that make up the rig system
  • Special unlock-able Chain rigging video from Rigging Dojo

You can find out more about the MRS system on the CG Monks MRS brochure page.

 The class has been updated once already and we'll circle back to update when new methods and tech are added to MRS


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