MRS Makers Workshop

Morpheus Rig System Horse example from the class.

Learn the MRS (Morpheus Rig System)  and how to leverage the tools to build your own production level rigs.

Your mentor for the class will be with with one of the architects of the rig system and creator of the original Morpheus Rig, Josh Burton.

This Inaugural class will be the ONLY mentor lead version and as a premium class.

You will learn:

  • How to use MRS and the cgmToolbox in your own project pipelines
  • Rig a quadruped from scratch using the MRS tool set
  • Quick rig a biped from a starter template
  • Cover advanced topics of the components that make up the rig system
  • Also receive a 6 month subscription to the CG Monastery to get latest builds of the MRS and have a voice and/or hand in where it goes from here.
    • Bonus perks- Morpheus for Unity content, rigs, and more

 You can find out more details of the MRS system on this brochure page.

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