Blender NLA Motion Editing and Animation Workshop


Workshop Details

What you get and learn from this workshop replay.

NLA Deep Dive

NLA features and uses in depth
NLA Clip settings explained
NLA actions vs. strips
NLA track settings
Bake animation correctly 
Blender Animation modes
Action editor/store and reuse animation
Get animation back out of clips

Maya/MotionBuilder Crossover

Transition training for animators
Blender tools in Autodesk context
Maya Joints vs. Blender Bones
FBX I/O settings and tips
Round edits in Blender for pipelines
FBX version errors and end/leaf bones
Support forum for Blender cross training


Animation layer workflows
Easy checking animation loops
Fast IK animation editing
Share animation between files
Rigging Object vs. "Armatures" 
"Takes" and Animation Layers
Graph editor "zero or flat keys"
Auto IK vs. IK constraint with FBX
Simple rig to edit feet pinning
Top Blender tools for Unreal work

"Thanks for a great workshop @riggingdojo! For anyone new to Blender this is a great introduction to both Blender itself and it's motion editing workflows. "

Anim TD @ Weta Digital

"I just attended a #b3d #blender3d #motioncapture editing and NLA basics workshop held by @riggingdojo and it was Great! Well worth the price, on point and professional! 100% recommended! #riggingdojoOndemand"